Recently I found myself responsible for a large database migration and knew I would need to make sure that the environment had the exact same setup as the previous systems and was setup and migrated as fast and as accurately as possible. As a Result I discovered dbatools (https://dbatools.io) which is a PowerShell module that provides some neat cmdlets for SQL Administration. This module can be installed on any recent version of PowerShell (v 4 and v5) from the PowerShell gallery via Find-module and Install-module.

The most helpful of the over 150 cmdlets are the following

  1. Copy-SqlLogin
  2. Copy-SqlCredential
  3. Copy-SqlJob
  4. Copy-SqlDatabaseMail
  5. Copy-SqlLinkedServer

In some of the following posts I will share how some of these are used.

Setting up the blog v2

So back in January I decide to start blogging on tech. I was trying to keep it low impact and focused on the content; however, I still did not get anywhere

My idea at the time was that:

As I don’t have a lot of time to curate and create this kind of material I have adopted a few tactics. First I am trying to do this with as little technical complexity as possible. I know that sounds weird coming from a person writing on Technology, but I did not want to bother with WordPress or another blog solution (because of hosting limitations) and didn’t want to get sucked into finding the right theme or tweaking the php for my layout. Secondly I didn’t want to be under the pressure to create “super blog posts” (you know those blogs that have a million advertisers and never seem to provide answers). I wanted to be able to start writing (taking as little time as possible to write) in a clean and minimalist looking site.
So as a result I found my self using a flat CMS called stacey.  Setup took me a little over 2 hours – to get pages written, change some of the defaults, and write this post. Hope you enjoy (and I hope this isn’t the only post).

Unfortunately I still did not get anywhere with this, and found myself needing more robust tools, so I decided to give it a full effort, “money on the table” attempt. I set this blog up using a LEMP stack with WordPress as the CMS.

Overall my drive to blog has been around for a while, it is just finding the right topic to talk about. As I started working on a new team at work (moved from desktop support to systems engineer), and with a lot of new information and technology being thrown at me I began taking lots of notes and found topics to write on. Eventually I figured I might as well just make my notes public in some sense and save some one the time that I lost. That is provided they have the right google foo to find it.